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Hi, my name is Rodrigo Kalvans. I am a fourth-year Software Engineering student at Saxion University in the Netherlands. Currently working as a software engineer and product developer at a startup called Heartland Finance in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I am also a cook and in my spare time I play billiards, scuba dive, travel and read. Most recently this took me to South America where I visited Peru and Colombia. From ocean to jungle to mountain; I went everywhere I could and even spent over a week camping out in the Amazon rainforest.

While I may be an engineer in school and work, selling and negotiating are where I am most comfortable and adept. I understand the power of storytelling and empathy and how they can help motivate others. Because of this, I take on roles where I can practice these skills alongside engineering. Public speaking, pitching, debate and writing. I want to do it all.

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Rodrigo Kalvans

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